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Mango Salad

I ate mangoes frequently during my travels in Latin America and India, and since they’re readily available year-round in North America, I now buy them every week. I eat them just as pieces of fruit, or make a smoothie, cold soup or salad with them. One day, I was eating my mango salad, looking over a proposal I had written, in preparation for a conference call with funders. The proposal was for a series of radio documentaries following a group of teachers who were going to India to do volunteer work and learn first-hand about the complex socio-economic conditions of the poor people of India.

A few days before the conference call, we had got a new puppy at home. My son and my husband had set up a crate for the dog in my son’s room, across the hall from my office. They promised me that as long as the puppy could see and hear me, he would not bark. My son went to school and my husband went to the office and the dog stayed with me, barking non-stop. As the time for the conference call neared, I grew so nervous, I could not even finish my mango salad.

The phone rang and I answered it, and we started to discuss the project. But I could hardly hear anything above the dog barking. After a few minutes, I politely said, “I am sorry, can you excuse me for a minute?” I pressed the hold button, then yelled as loud as one can possibly yell, “Shut up or I will kill you!”

Of course, the puppy did not quiet down, but I had no choice—I released the hold button—or so I thought—to continue the conversation. “As I was saying...” I stopped when I heard giggles. Then one of the callers asked, “Who are you planning to kill—your husband or your kids?”

This salad makes a great side dish. It is full of flavour.

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Serves 4

  1. In a bowl, combine all the ingredients. Stir to mix well and enjoy.

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